Web Application Architecture

Carefully designed web application architecture ensures that all services work together in every environment and creates a strong infrastructure foundation for your business.

When revenue depends on reliable, automated infrastructure and proven processes, Stern Devops Group helps established organizations and start-ups alike to contain costs, scale and increase productivity.

Stern Devops group secure internet
What our clients are saying

“Dave’s knowledge of AWS is ridiculous and he’s a great communicator.”

“He quickly became an invaluable member of DealStat’s small team during our engagement together, which included helping architect our web application, optimize security and processing time, and automate deployments.

He took the time to understand our business priorities, and brought a practical approach to helping DealStat choose and implement the right technologies. He was hands-on and by our side until everything worked smoothly.

It’s clear that Dave enjoyed working through the complex challenges that came with our project, and it showed through in the outcome. His involvement was a total game-changer for the quality of DealStat’s application.”

Steve Regan, Founder, DealStat