AWS Consultant

When your website IS your business, revenue depends on reliable, automated infrastructure and proven processes.

Continuous uptime, data security, speed and cost efficiency are critical to your success.

As an AWS Consultant, Dave Stern can help your organization create, migrate or automate using the right combination of Amazon Web Services that fit your project—from the common EC2, RDS, ALB/NLB, & S3 to the advanced like ECS/Fargate, VPC, Cloudfront, WAF, IAM, CodePipeline, Elasticache and more.

Every AWS project is completely outlined within a formal proposal, complete with key milestones and associated dates. You always know what to expect because our primary focus is on deliverables and deadlines.

Cloud Architecture

AWS Cost Optimization Service

Configuration Management

Network Design

Network + Data Security

What our clients are saying

“Dave recently helped Tinybop with a major site migration on an extremely tight timeline.”

“The site had a lot of technical debt and there were many unknowns for us as a company, and Dave’s confidence and thoroughness throughout the project were extremely reassuring.

At all points in the project, he was extremely communicative and thorough, as he provided weekly progress updates, ensured that we knew what to expect and that we were fully aware of any risks or open questions.

Dave’s thoughtfulness about his work is evident, and extends to even the tiniest of details. We expressed the importance of ongoing costs being within budget, and Dave took these priorities very seriously resulting in our costs being under budget.”